A note to our vendors: 

“Necessity is the mother of invention”.-Plato


Buffalo is one of the most underappreciated and often overlooked places to hold an event.   We have so much to offer here.  So much talent and potential but it seems few tap into the possibilities.  As animal lovers, breeders, educators and even customers ourselves it’s frustrating to find very few opportunities to invite people to discover and appreciate what we can bring to the table.  It is this untapped source that we wish to open.  With the help of quality vendors, breeders and educators we want to create an eye opening experience that can continue year after year.  


The Buffalo Niagara Reptile Expo looks forward to working with all vendors to provide them with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of space to exhibit your animals and products.  We place this event close to restaurants, gas stations and access to ATMs for you as well as your customers.  We know some of you have a journey to get here.  We want you to know and feel you are appreciated!  We want your customers to have room to view and talk to you about the products you have to offer them.  No crowded, frustrated customers waiting to squeeze by and possibly passing your booth because you were crammed in like a sardine down an aisle too small for more than two people to fit!  After all if the vendor doesn’t feel appreciated and the customers can’t get to you, how can we expect you to want to come back again and again? 


So we thank you in advance and hope you will be as excited and anxious for this event and hope you will join us for this expo and continue to join us for shows to come!