Rules and Regulations

Below is a list of state and federal regulations regarding the sale of reptiles.  To the best of our ability and knowledge, we try to make sure that this is currently up to date.  Please note, that it is ultimately up to each vendor to make certain that they know and follow all current NY state laws and regulations.
No federally endangered, threatened or NY native herps or animals may be sold or displayed

No venomous or de-venomized reptiles allowed for sale

All turtles and tortoises must be at least 4" long sale or display 

No crocodilians -display or sale. includes mounts, skins ect. (NY state law)

Burmese/Indian, Reticulated, Amethystine , African Rock pythons, Anacondas, nile, water, croc, white throat or black throat monitors are prohibited. This also includes animals listed on the Lacey Act. 

No live mammals may be sold or displayed (except feeders) unless preapproved and a copy of all necessary permits (USDA /DEC) are submitted and are on hand the day of the show.

Live insects/bugs (including all feeder insects) MUST be displayed and sold in secured containers. do not use bins or tubs and "scoop them out" for customers. No exceptions!

No live animals may be given away as prizes

No over crowed or dirty cages

All animals must be sold in secure containers

All animals must be in good health (show staff reserves the right to ask vendors to remove any animals that are visibly not healthy looking) 

Vendors are responsible for any additional lighting and extension cords needed for your display.  

We recommend that vendors get their own general liability insurance and list the Buffalo Niagara Reptile Expo as an additional insured

Please note.. music, distributing flyers outside of your booth space, parking lot sales or sales outside of the show area are prohibited. 

The BNRE reserves the right to refuse participation by any vendor that does not abide by ALL of the terms and conditions, with no refund of table rental fees. This includes behavior that is not professional (either at the show or on our social media pages) and is directed at show or venue staff, customers or other vendors.


Table rental fees must be received (in full) with the vendor application for a reservation to be made. Please note, we do not offer "exclusive rights" to any vendor.

Table fees are non-refundable and non-transferable (vendors are not permitted to resell tables or give them away to other vendors if they are unable to attend. table fees also will not be applied to future shows). if you are "sharing" a table or someone is helping, please let us know in advance.

All vendors must remain open during the entire show, please do not start packing up until the show is over at 3:30pm

we will assume that if a vendor doesn't show up and doesn't let us know, that you no longer wish to be a vendor and will re-sell your space at future shows to other vendors.  

All exhibitors are responsible for all state and federal laws concerning but not limited to taxes, permits, licensing, transportation, importation, exportation, sales, etc. Please have your NY State Certificate of Authority on hand at the show. Call  518-485-2889 for information on getting this free permit.

Exhibitors who choose to remove animals from their enclosures or allow guests to handle their animals are responsible for maintaining control of the animals at all time. Each vendor is exclusively liable for any damage to property or personal injury resulting from handling of their live animals on the host facility premises.

When packing up at the end of the show, vendors are responsible for removing all garbage (boxes, animal bedding, personal refuse ect.) from their vendor space and making sure their area is clean. Any cleanup fee incurred by the venue will be passed onto the vendors who leave garbage behind in their vendor space. (areas will be checked by show staff and noted)

Buffalo Niagara Reptile Expo (BNRE) and its affiliates, promoters of the show, and the Adam's Mark Hotel and Events Center are rendered harmless from any and all claims from vendors or customers. Vendors assume full responsibility for animals brought to the show. Any injury or loss of any animal (including theft) or person is the sole responsibility of the vendor or patron. All purchases made at the expo are strictly between the vendors and patrons. Make sure you collect business cards from vendors from whom you purchase.

 Please note that the BNRE reserves the right to update the terms and conditions as needed without notification. Please check the MOBILE SITE on a regular basis for up to date information as the desktop site may not be up to date at all times! Update: In the unlikely event that the show needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, all vendor table fees will be applied to the next immediate show date. This rule only applies if the promoter is forced to reschedule or cancel the show due to unforeseen circumstances and whenever necessary. Regardless of any other circumstance, the no refund /no transfer policy still applies and will be enforced.